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Is powder coating better than liquid coatings?
Depending on the application, powder coating usually outperforms a liquid coating of the same type.

What can powder be applied to?
Any type of alloy, including cast and aluminums.

How long before we can use the parts or pack them?
Powder is fully cured as soon as it cools down from the bake process, usually ready to pack within half an hour.

What Colours are available?
Almost any colour, texture or gloss.  (Some colours may require a special blend.)  Special formulations are available, including anti-graffiti and smudge resistant.

How expensive is it compared to liquid coatings?
Powder is comparable to a high-end liquid coating and in some cases the process can be cheaper, due to material recovery and controlled paint thickness.

How fast can I get my product back?
Our typical turn around is 3 to 5 days from receiving the product, sooner if the customer has a schedule on a regular basis.

How tough is powder coating?
Powder coating is tough, durable, can withstand chipping, most chemicals, UV, marring, cracking and blistering.  Specially formulated powders will outperform standard powders.  Note:  Extreme conditions can affect the performance of any coating if it is not designed for the application.

Can you paint powder over liquid coatings?
Yes, if the coating is fully cured.  It is not recommended and requires testing to see if the coatings are compatible.